Unelmaero - elämä 2.0

Osta "Unelmaero - elämä 2.0"

Buy the Finnish version of the bestselling book by Angelika Leikola and Ismo Leikola

Available also in audiobook read by the other author stand-up comedian ISMO from all the main audiobook services in Finland.

Osta “Suo, kuokka ja hollywood”

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What is Hollywood like for a newcomer from Europe?

A Finnish comedian-writer couple arrives in Los Angeles. Is the city ready for them?

The authors share their personal story of navigating through the Hollywood comedy industry and the American way of life as a freshly arrived writer-comedian couple from a very different society.

As they examine this new world and how their old one looks from afar, they end up realizing their life is like an ongoing stand-up bit. And that the line between tragedy and comedy is truly so fine it’s in many ways non-existent.

US & us – Surviving Hollywood With Comedy is the international version of the bestselling TOP5 Finnish title A Swamp, a Hoe and Hollywood (Suo, kuokka ja Hollywood) by the same authors, published in Finland in March 2021.

Readers’ feedback

“When you’ve almost died, you stop playing nice.” This was an epiphany and a new saying for me now. And so very true.

I got such laughing fits tonight that my neighbors will surely soon call an ambulance to pick me up. “Now he totally lost it, poor soul, all alone in there.” Absolutely awesome book!

A black-and-white wash about Americans for me, and it opened my eyes to wider perspectives about my native country as well. I’m so glad that you continue to see different sides to things, including the funny side. Thank you for the book, and all the best to you in the future.

An awesome, humorous, and informative story. Wishing you both all the best in the future.

Thank you for the book! I’ve been laughing away, got food for thought. And the interesting facts are really nice extra spices in the book.

I must give a reading recommendation for Ismo and Angelika Leikola’s book. Not because it’s (less surprisingly) quite funny but because it provides a lot of social food for thought.